Tennant Biomodulator

The body is an electrical system. For example, an EKG measures the electrical output of the heart. The lines you see on the printout are a graphic representation of the electrical activity of the heart – where it is working up to speed and where it is not.

We have some 50 trillion cells in our body and each one is designed to run at about minus 22 millivolts – little tiny currents of voltage on which the body operates.  When cells need to repair themselves, they increase their voltage to about minus 50 millivolts. That increased voltage brings healing. If the cell cannot sustain the increased voltage long enough to complete the healing process, then the door is open to chronic pain and/or chronic infection.

At -15 mV, you are tired. At about -10 mV you are sick. If the low voltage progresses to where the cells are operating at about +30 millivolts, damage to DNA occurs and tumors grow.

When you look at this chart, you see the connection between voltage and pH.


pH and voltage  are inextricably linked. pH means “potential hydrogen.” It is a measure of how acid or alkaline things are.  Everything in the cell is dependant upon pH – the ability of the enzymes to sm_voltagework, the ability of the blood to carry oxygen, the ability for nutrients to enter and metabolic waste to exit – all these functions are dependent upon pH.

Voltage is the potential to do work. The voltmeter which is used to measure pH gives measurements from -400 millivolts to +400 millivolts.  A pH of zero represents maximum acidity and measures +400 millivolts. A pH of 14, maximum alkalinity, measures -400 millivolts.  A pH of 7 is neutral and represents zero voltage

To simplify the two charts, it would look like this:

pH 0acid 7neutral 14alkaline
Voltage +400 mV 0 mV -400 mV

The body normally runs at a pH of 7.35 which is the same as -22 millivolts.

Now, let me add one more layer for you because as you read more about food and nutrition, you hear of “free radicals” and “electron donors” and this next layer will give you a better framework for that.

pH 0acid 7neutral 14alkaline
Voltage +400 mV 0 mV -400 mV
Electron stealers 0 – 6.9 pHHas a left spin, causes damage: free radicals
Electron donors 7.1 – 14 pHHas a right spin, potential to do work: antioxidants.

There are electron stealers and electron donors. Anything acidic is an electron stealer; things alkaline are electron donors. Soda pop, many bottled waters, and coffee for example are acidic. Alkaline water supplies electrons with the potential to do work. Cells function well when they have enough voltage available to do their work, and they stop functioning optimally when they are deficient in voltage.

All voltage in the body is stored in fat. It has to be good fat such as non-homogenized butter and milk. Yes, raw milk, straight from the cow and unprocessed, is good for you. Organic eggs, grass fed beef and organic meats, tallow and lard. All of our cells are made from cholesterol, derived from good fat. In order to make healthy new cells, we need 20 percent of our diet to be good fat. Bad fats – margarine and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils for example – are very similar to plastic molecularly. They are incorporated into the cell wall like a layer of cellophane and that makes it hard for cells to function, and impossible to hold voltage.

Many people try vegetarian diets and do not feel well 6-12 months later because they are lacking good animal fat in their diet. They are often unable to maintain normal voltage and are like a sputtering battery.

One reason chronic disease is so rampant in America today is because so much bad information about fats has been disseminated for decades and much money has been made selling cholesterol lowering drugs.  To read accurate information about fats and cholesterol, see:


Voltage is fundamentally important because the body is constantly regenerating itself. Every 48 hours we make new rods and cones in our retinas, every 8 weeks we replace all the cells in our liver, and every 8 months we replace all the cells in our nervous system – including the brain.

One of the hallmarks of chronic pain and chronic infections is low voltage. The cells do not have energy to repair themselves. We can safely give the body more voltage with the Tennant Biomodulator.

We use a bioelectric impediance analysis (BIA) device to measure the phase angle which assesses the amount of good fat in your body.

The meridian energetic analysis device (MEAD) measures the voltage of all of the meridians in the body. Voltage drops prior to the onset of illness. Also inflammation is often detected in meridians. It acts as an early warning, diagnostic tool. We use it to map all the meridians so we know how best to apply the biomodulator.

bio_modulator1If injuries require more voltage than the body can produce, you can put additional voltage into the body so it can heal. If the onset of chronic disease is present, it can be offset by biomodulator_hand1putting additional voltage into the body so it can correct its imbalances.

The Tennant Biomodulator is FDA approved to treat pain. It can be worn 24 hours a day to raise the pH and voltage of an area or the whole body. Dr. Starr is a licensed distributor for the Tennant Biomodulator. It is sold by prescription to his patients.

If a person has pain in the knee, neck, shoulder or back – this device can be worn all day long.

Unlike a TENs unit which merely blocks the ability of the brain to recognize pain by interfering with the signal, the biomodulator heals.

To correct chronic disease, you must insert enough electrons to push the cells back up to the healing voltage of -50 mV. You must also have enough raw materials (nutrition) to make new cells. Nutrition without voltage does not work. Voltage without nutrition does not work. You must have both.

Typically, people leak the most voltage from their teeth. Metal fillings and crowns, and chronic infections from root canals all tend to leak lots of voltage. People may have great diets and normal tooth_bookhormone function, but are unable to get well because of the chronic infections and voltage leaking from their mouth. The impact of putting metals and root canals into the mouth is well understood by oriental medicine which long ago embraced the concept of meridians and energy. However, conventional Western medicine, with its emphasis on disease management, ignores the mouth. We work closely with biological dentists.

Healthy teeth + enough thyroid + good nutrition = keys to health because then the voltage is normal.